July 14, 2024

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The show “Mr. Clooney’s wife” introduced its actors

The actors of the show "Mr. Clooney's wife" directed by Mona Sofi have been determined

Theater Online: Behnam Sharfi, Mitra Rafi, Mahan Abdi, Nafas Bazeghi, Alex Malek Karam and Mona Sofi are the actors of the show “Mr. Clooney’s wife”.

The play of this work is based on a design by Soheil Danesh Eshraghi written by Matin Izadi. Its story is about the backstage of a Hollywood movie where George Clooney meets an Arab girl as a costume assistant, and this is the beginning of discovering a mysterious past.

“Mr. Clooney’s wife” will be staged on December 18th at 20:15 at Iranshahr Theater Hall.

Pre-sale of tickets for this show will start on December 15th on Tival website.