July 14, 2024

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More than 30,000 people watched “Human/Horse, Fifty/Fifty”

“Human/Horse, Fifty/Fifty” directed by Morteza Esmaeil Kashi, after 175 successful performances that were extended for the third time at Shahrzad Theater campus, is spending its final days of performance.

This show, which has been on stage since August and so far more than 30,000 people have watched this show, is still well received by the audience and is performed in the last days of the second week.

This play, which was jointly written by Hale Moshtaghi Nia and Morteza Esmaeil Kashi, with a look at the play Zak and Zik written by Bertolt Brecht and translated by Kamaluddin Shafiei, was the selected work of the 20th annual celebration of the Association of Theater Critics and Researchers.