July 14, 2024

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“Once Upon a Time Assassination” is performed at the City Theater

The show "Once Upon a Time Assassination" directed by Javad Raz ghandi will be staged at the City Theater Workshop from 24 December.

Theater Online: Citing the public relations of the City Theater Complex, the play “Once Upon a Time Assassination” based on a plan by Hossein Shamsabadi, written by Anoosh Moazzami and directed by Javad Raz ghandi, will be performed in the theater workshop from December 15th.

This show is about four members of a terrorist group who, after several operations, have organizational differences and misunderstandings and try to settle personal scores.

In the show “Once Upon a Time Assassination”, Farshad Mojareb is the host and Anoosh Moazzami, Rasta Razavi, Saeed Rezaei, Marjan Aminirad, Milad Safavi, Sahel Alizadeh and Hamidreza Nouri are the actors.

The show “Once Upon a Time Assassination” will start its performance on Friday, December 15th at 19:30, with a duration of 75 minutes and a ticket price of 100,000 tomans.