July 14, 2024

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shol bemol

Mahdieh Nassaj returns to the stage

The performance of the musical-romantic show "Shol Bemol" designed and directed by Mahdieh Nassaj will begin tonight, the 13th of December, at Shahrzad campus

Theater Online: The romantic musical show “Shol Bemol” written by Sina Sheikhi, produced by Alireza Jalali and designed and directed by Mahdieh Nassaj will start its performance tonight, Wednesday, the 13th of December.

Mahdieh Nassaj and Sina Sheikhi are the actors of this musical show, and Kiomars Moradi, writer and theater director, accompanies this show group as a director’s consultant.

Musical-romantic show “Shol Bemol”; Mahdieh Nassaj’s latest experience as a director after 9 years away from the stage.

In the summary of the story, it is stated: “Shol Bemol” is a musical romance that is supposed to shake the emotions that are in our hearts….”

Sina Sheikhi (writer and poet), Mahdieh Nassak, Mohammadreza Tofangchi (investors), Parinaz Kangavari (project manager), Afshin Almasi (production manager), Nima Abbasi (assistant director and planner), Tina Bakshi (costume designer and make-up designer) , Mahdieh Nassaj (scenic designer), Amirhossein Sir (light designer), Shayan Safavi (sound designer), Aziz Akbari (sound engineer), Sina Sheikhi, Farshad Erfani (music), Mahyar Moradmand, Saeed Momeni (multimedia), Reza Javadi (Photographer), Amir Qalichi (Advertising Consultant), Negar Amiri (Public Relations), Taneh Demsaz (International Relations), Mehyar Moradmand, Sadra Sheikhi (Marketing), Sina Sheikhi Design Studio (Graphic and Advertising), Amir Ali Seyed Jalali, Amir Hossein Sotoudeh. Fatemeh Nik Maqsood and Paniz Hemmatzadeh (promotional content production), Sadra Sheikhi (substitute production), Reza Alizadeh (set design), Golsa Khodayi, Mehdi Bilali (make-up artist), Alia Mansouri (dress sewing), Bahareh Rahimi (costume assistant), Amir Navaei, Ali Heydari Qomsari and Alireza Koozeh gar (assistant lighting designer), Amir Ali Seyed Jalali (backstage photographer) are other actors of this show.

Those who are interested can go to Tiwall website to buy tickets for this show, which will be on stage every night except Saturdays at 18:00 in Hall 2 of Shahrzad Theater campus.