June 22, 2024

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Construction of a large complex at Tehran City theater

The start of the project of the city theater complex was made in the presence of the Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance and a group of artistic figures.

Theater Online: The implementation ceremony of the perimeter project of the City Theater complex was held in the presence of the Minister of Islamic Culture and Education and a group of artists and theater figures on Saturday, December 23rd at the City Theater Conference Hall.

At the beginning of the ceremony, a clip of various artists such as Rahmat Amini, Kiomars Moradi, Mohammad Hatami, Kazem Hazhirazad, Hamidreza Naeimi, who talked about the necessity of the collection’s privacy, as well as images of the bloody fight that took place around the city theater, was broadcast.

Later, Mahmoud Salari, the artistic deputy of the Minister of Guidance, made a speech and said: The diligence of the Minister of Guidance made this work come to an end. I am happy that the long-term demand of theater artists has been fulfilled.

Then Dariush Arjmand stated that he belongs to the city theater and is proud of it, saying: We always longed to step on the stage of the city theater and I was given this opportunity only once. My wish is that people and artists should be protected as they protect this building.

He added: The design is very suitable for the theater of the city. I also appreciate the minister of guidance for completing this privilege. I hope the city theater is for all people and artists.

Arjmand noted: Criticism is constantly directed at cultural agents, while artists should not be waiting for the government, but should attract people to the theater. My point is that we should go to the people and get our fees from the people. If we want to have valuable art, we must be approved by people and people should like us.

He emphasized: I hope that the privacy of the city theater will be respected and the surrounding area will be cleaned and people will come and go to this complex peacefully.

Later, Iraj Rad also made a speech. He said: City theater is a special place for all theater artists. The foundation stone of this building was built in 1967 and it was completed in 1972. At first, this building was handed over to TV, for a while during the Shiraz Art Festival, then to the Ministry of Culture and Arts, and after the revolution to the Ministry of Guidance.

He reminded: Once the Roudaki area was supposed to be formed, but it was not completed. Later, the problem of the Tehran subway came up, when we were worried about the effects of the subway on the building, and finally, after various meetings, the route was changed and the exit location was also changed.

Rad continued: During the excavation of the southern building of the city theater, a part of the building was damaged, which was resolved after various meetings. For years, we have been looking for the of the perimeter city theater to be befitting. There was no safety and security for the building, artists and audience. Various meetings were held but did not come to an end. I am happy that this sanctuary is being built today, which makes artists and theater audiences happy.

The Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance also said during the ceremony: During my time in the ministry, during the initial visits to the complex, I encountered serious demands for privacy. Cooperation with cultural heritage and municipality should have been formed. The design should also be done according to the theater of the city.

Esmaili reminded: When an important work is going to be done, there are rumors that worry everyone. My emphasis was that the work should proceed with the opinion of the artists.

Minister of Guidance emphasized: City Theater is the beating heart of Iranian art and belongs to the people and artists. Renovation inside the complex is also being planned and carried out.

Esmaili stated: The construction of the largest art collection in one of the best parts of Tehran will begin soon. New technologies are considered and a big step is taken for the development of cultural and artistic spaces. Theater in our country has more prosperous days ahead. We try to minimize problems.

He said: The year we spent is one of the most prosperous years of cultural and artistic activities. The president is following up on cultural and artistic issues and I always provide reports on this matter.

At the end of this ceremony, with the presence of the Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance, the perimeter plan of the City Theater Complex was kicked.

Mahmoud Salari, Kazem Nazari, Majid Qanad, Hooshang Tavakoli, Siavash Thammorth, Maqsood Naeimi Zaker, Kazem Hazhir Azad, Hossein Parastar, Mohammad Dashtgolli, Qasem Zare, Hassan Dadshekar, Reza Fayazi, Ismail Khalaj, Sidmjid Pourahmadi, Abbas Azimi, Tajbakhsh Fanaiyan, Iraj Rad. , Dariush Arjamand, Mehdi Hamedsagayan, Mahmoud Farhang, Reza Banafsehkhah, Khosro Ahmadi, Hossein Masfar Astane, Jahangir Almasi, Shekarkhoda Gudarzi, Parisa Moqtadi were among those present in this ceremony.