June 22, 2024

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“Brave of the West” at nofel loshato

The show "Brave of the West" directed by Reza Saghari, was renamed with the opinion of the director and producer and at the same time as the translator was changed, and it finally reached the public performance.

Theater Online: the play “Brave of the West” with the previous name “Liar of the west” directed by Reza Saghari and produced by Amir Masoud Hidarn, will start its performances on Wednesday, January 3r, at the Nofel Loshato Theater.

The poster of this show was designed by Alireza Vakili Varjooy and the translation of the text was done by Afsaneh Qaderi.

Saghari said about his motivation for performing this play: When I read the play, it reminded me of the story “Fathers and Sons” written by Ivan Turgenev, and I even saw something like the Oedipus complex in the text. I also encountered a very deep text from the point of view of psychology, characterization and culture. And I tried my best to get close to the author’s thoughts by making minor changes in the text. The style and method I want to perform this play is real and a biomechanical attitude in performance, but I have tried to stick to the principles of the text, that is, to implement the text’s atmosphere exactly, not new methods and a strange formal attitude. .

He added: After a year of rehearsals, the manager of Nofel Loshato Theater supported this work and invited him to perform it in this hall. The original text has a realistic atmosphere.

The synopsis of this show reads: “In a remote Irish village, a stranger named Christy Mahen arrives and claims to have killed his father with a shovel!” His bravery causes a lot of excitement from the people of that area, and the people of that village consider Christi their hero, until…”

Pouya Jalali, Mobina Kalateh, Raheleh Fatemi, Ashkan Mehrbakhsh, Ali Khaleghi, Amirhossein Zareian, Mehdi Eskandari, Hadiseh Mahmudov, Avisa Sharifi, Arina Dodeh, Melina Mashaiekhi, Jalal Shahsawari, Amirhossein Dehghan, Mehdi Majnouni, Farham Mohammadi and Hossein Shini, actors of the show “brave of the west”.

Other actors of this performance are Diako Khaki, project manager and production manager, Amir Hossein Sadri, assistant director, Sina Yilaqbeigi, stage art consultant, Reza Saghri, set designer, Sama Moghimi, costume designer, Reza Khazarai, light designer, Atefeh Pazouki, make-up designer, Alireza Vakili Varjovi, poster designer. Morteza Rashidi, teaser designer and performer, Saba Safari, stage manager, Ilosh Yazdanpanah, second assistant director and stage secretary, Negar Amiri, publicity and public relations manager, Ahmadreza Hajarzadeh, media and information manager.

The show “Delicious Land of the West” directed by Reza Saghri and produced by Amir Masoud Hidaren will be staged on Wednesday, January 3rd, every night at 21:00 with a duration of 85 minutes at the Nofel loshato Theater.