June 22, 2024

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A young girl who installs a siphon

A young girl who installs a siphon/ Let’s trust Iranian writers

The director of the “Engineer Washing Close” show, referring to the features of this play, said that Iranian plays have many capabilities for performance that are ignored.

Mehdi Rokni, the designer and director of the show “Engineer Washing Close”, which is currently on stage at the Shahrazad Theater campus, in an interview about his interest in choosing social texts for performance, said: the only reason for choosing social texts for performing a play is society Is. In this show, we tried to show a corner of the pain in this society, so that maybe we can influence even one person. My chosen subject is the concern of a writer and the concern of an artist; This artist became a woman in our show because I believe that women face more problems and limitations in society and maybe they should have more support.

He added: The main character in the play was a man, so I changed it to a woman so that it could be more attractive and maybe change the way women are looked at. The important feature of this show is the issue of equality between men and women, which should be strongly thought about.

The actor of “Zakhme Kari” series stressed that Iranian texts should be used more in theater performances, and reminded: No one can deny the charms and beauty of foreign playwrights, but we have to accept that we have very good playwrights in our country and I am inclined to I want to cooperate with a writer who has a good text and support these writers.

He clarified: Have Iranian writers who are currently active been asked to do something that they did not do correctly? Have we ever asked an author to adapt and Iranize a famous foreign show and this did not happen? no Unfortunately, we believe that we should have a ready meal at our disposal, while if Iranian playwrights are supported, we have had and have many writers who have a lot to say not only in Iran but also in other countries.

The actor of the series “Red Square” said: the most important problem of the country’s theater is the lack of support; There is no support for artistic groups in the theater field. The hall, plateau, light, make-up, decor, etc. must be provided by the group at the expense of the group, and there is no support in this regard. The text is rejected multiple times and revisions impose additional costs on the group. This happens in a situation where there were many such supports in the past and unfortunately there is no news of them now.

Rokni emphasized: I am grateful to the executive team of the show and especially the producer Sina Hashemi Aghdam, without doubt this work would not have been performed.

The synopsis of the show states: Sarah is a young writer who dreams of publishing her stories, but due to financial problems and unreasonable demands of her family, she is forced to take over her father’s job, which is installing siphons and repairing toilets, after his father’s death. to continue His sister Tina did not like this work and told her friends that her sister is a “Washing Close Engineer”! He has entered an apartment to repair the siphon and the story continues…

Neda Abolghasmi Fard, Ghazaleh Khoshsima, Pouyan Janati, Melika Afsari Rad, Paniz Farazmandnia are the actors of this show.

The show “Washing Close Engineer” written by Abolfazl Bolghandar, designed and directed by Mehdi Rokni and produced by Sina Hashemi Aghdam will be staged until December 22 at 9:30 PM in Hall No. 3 of Shahrazad Theater Campus.