July 14, 2024

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The play “Zolm abad” was staged

"Zolm Abad" written and directed by Kamran Eghtedari was staged on Shahrzad Theater Campus from December 7th

Theater Online: The play “Zolm Abad” was written and directed by Kamran Eghtedari with a look at the events of Abadan Rex cinema. This play will be staged from December 7th until 28th every night at 9:30 PM in Hall No. 3 of Shahrzad Theater Campus.

Mobina Sadat-Hosseini is in charge of producing this play, and Samira Karimi and Hossein Abedin are present in this show as presenters.

Hossein Kashefi Asl, Farid Rahmati, Mahyar Islami, Hoda Teymouripour, Mohammad Alibazi, Erfan Javadi and Masoud Abadi are the actors of this play.

In the summary of its story, it is stated: “In 1986, at the same time as the war broke out, some young people in one of the remote areas of Bushehr city gathered in a humble house every night and gambled on the 1986 World Cup games. With the arrival of a girl named Shirin, new things happen.”

Sadegh Shahmoradi (assistant director and scheduler), Samira Ghorbani (stage secretary), Sanaz Younesi (costume designer), Mahsa Darvish (makeup designer), Shamel Zivdar (female make-up artist), Mehrdad Ashkani (gentlemen’s make-up artist), Kamran Eghtedari (designer) stage), Negar Masoumi (Hormedia) (poster designer), Daniyal Hassan nia (stage manager), Zahra Chaternour (costume assistant), Saeed Momeni (videoamping), Mahshid Soltani (videoamping and sound), Mahshid Soltani, Samira Ghorbani (room operator), Aria Farahmand and Omid Einollahi (stage assistants), Mobina Mohammadzadeh (financial manager), Hor Design, Fatemeh Tavanaie Nia, Mehdi Asghari and Zahra Chatrnour (set design), Hossein Abedin (advertising manager), Hormedia (content production), Hossein Abedin (teaser director), Mehdi Asghari, Fatemeh Tavanaie nia, Mohammad Saveh (teaser production) and Alireza Fallah (editing) are the stage crew of this drama.