July 14, 2024

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“Mice” goes to the Da theater

The first directorial experience of Amirreza Sabeti and Mohammad Amin Haririyan titled "Mice" will be staged at Da theater

Theater Online: The play “Mice” written by Mohammad Amin Haririyan and jointly directed by Amirreza Sabeti and Mohammad Amin Haririyan will soon be staged at Da theater.

This work is a surreal performance and the summary of its story states: “Mice is a narrative of creatures who are trapped in their dark and suffering world and struggle with bitter and crazy events around them. They are so caught up in their own issues that they are oblivious to the changes around them…”

Negin Firouzmanesh, Yasamin Farhadi, Parnian Daneshpajooh, Mina Alipour, Hiva Mohammadzadeh, Sadaf Alinejad, Mohammad Talebi and Mehdi Jenabi are the actors who play roles in this show.

Other actors of this show and the exact time of its performance will be informed soon.