July 14, 2024

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The play “Dabchick” was staged at Shahrzad Theater

The play "Dabchick" written by Pooya Saeedi and directed by Farshid Roshani was staged at Shahrzad Theater

Theater Online: The show “Dabchick” directed by Farshid Roshani and accompanied by Pooya Saeedi, one of the writers of the show “Launcher 5” as a writer and consultant to the director, was staged at Shahrzad Theater.

The story of “Dabchick” follows a musical form that is narrated in several independent and connected movements. This show is a new attempt to connect with a wide range of audiences.

The show’s synopsis reads: When the subject kisses a documentary filmmaker, a woman refuses to accept that this stranger is bothering her husband, an interrogator refuses to be interrogated by a colleague, a writer can’t type his death, and a stand-up comedian can’t get up, a confrontation ensues. , unaware that there is always a bigger opponent, someone named “The Chainsaw Dude”.

In this show, Pooya Nowrozi, the producer of “Launcher 5” music, has created a new piece that will be performed with songs by Majid Abdulahi. “Dabchick” was prepared by Jalil Akbari Sehat.

In this show, the actors: (in order of entering the stage) Shahroz Del Afkar, Hamed Mahmoudi, Mohammad Eslami, Iraj Tadayon, Haniyeh Radmehr, Safora Khoshtinat, Pegah Saeedi and Meysam Abdi