July 14, 2024

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“Screenshot” at Shahrzad Theater Campus

"Screenshot" show, directed and produced by Ashkan Darvishi, will be on the stage of Shahrazad Theater campus from Sunday, December 19.

Theater Online: Citing the public relations of the group, the show “Screenshot” directed and produced by Ashkan Darvishi, with the first role of rap singer Amir Hossein Turkman, known as Amir Khalvat, and Sara Abdul Maleki, the daughter of the Olympic champion, from tomorrow, Sunday, December 10th, every night at 9:00 p.m. 15 will be staged in Hall No. 1 of Shahrzad Theater Campus.

In this show, as in the previous works of Ashkan Darvishi, a number of bloggers and Instagram influencers such as Sepehr Salehi, Metin Amini and Nilofar Pourhossein play roles.

On the eve of the performance, the poster of this show designed by Mohammad Taghipour was also released.

Summary: The story of a night gathering that leads to the destruction of several lives…

The actors of the “Screenshot” show are Arastou Khoshrazm, Sahar Abdul Maleki, Amir Hossein Turkman, Maryam Kazemi, Abbas Imani, Sadaf Beheshti, Fardin Rahmanpour, Sepideh Mousavi, Matin Amini, Sara Abdul Maleki, Sepehr Salehi, Niloofar Pour Hossein with the presence of Amir Khalvat and the voice of Mohammad Reza Moghaddam.

Producer and director: Ashkan Darvishi, writer: Saman Shams, project manager: Beheshti Angels charity organization managed by Mahshid Khosravi, assistant director: Parisa Mehmandoost and Amirhossein Ebrahimi, group leader: Mohammad Hossein Abedini, executive director and coordination: Mohammad Nikbakht and Hossein Abbasi. Stage secretary: Masoumeh Kohzadi, poster designer: Mohammad Taghipour, photographer: Hossein Khodarati, motion graphics production: Javed Alipour, teaser: Amin Ghahremani, virtual design: Ali Shirazi, lighting designer: Ali Qamsari, music group: Mehdi Yousefi and Kourosh Abdi, group Executive and coordination: Hydiye kafili and Alireza Zulfaqari, make-up designer: Shadi Qeisari, costume designer: Nasim Maleki, costume assistant: Shahla Hosami, stage manager: Abbas Golestani, stage assistants: Erfan Anizadeh, Mehdi Hajivand and Shadmehr Soltani, printing and advertising affairs : Dibagostar Collection, Masoud Hashemi, Support: Mohammad Rahimi, Advertising Consultant: Maryam Roudbarani, Media Consultant and Public Relations Manager: Maryam Ghorban nia are the stage crew of this performance.