July 14, 2024

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Student artists stage the play “Asphyxia”

"Asphyxia" show, a work of student artists, will soon be staged at Mehregan Theater.

Theater Online: the show “Asphyxiation” written by Jalal Mohebi and directed by Hossein Meshkati is a student performance that will be staged at Mehregan Theater from December 24th at 5:00 p.m.

Reza Rajaei, Mohammad Hossein Sorkhani, Ali Kheradmand, Ali Mohebi, Reza Haji, Mohammad Jabri and Farid Turkashvannd are the actors of this play.

The summary of the story of this play states: “A view of a ruined city in the mind and minds that are captured in the rule of power and cannot use words and topics related to the warmth of a mother’s love under the command of the city’s power.” At the same time, newcomers arrive and the citizens undergo changes and…”

Ali Mohebi (producer), Hadi Fekri, Parisa Roudbarani (make-up designer and make-up artist), Mohammad Hossein Mirab, Alireza Shafiei (production manager), Mehdi Mashaikhi (finance manager), Mohammad Reza Sadeghifard (assistant director), Yekta Fazal Elahi (second assistant) ), Nazanin Amralahi and Arina Sediqi (stage secretary), Ashkan Rahmi (stage manager), Mehdi Nouri (music production manager), Morteza Ebadi and Seyed Mehdi Ali Shamsakho (editor), Amir Mehdi Mashhadi (support), Rehane Behrouz (stage manager), Sara Hamzeh (programmer), Zahra Ameli (credits poet), Amir Jamalfard (credits music) and Ali Kihani (media consultant) are other “Asphyxia” stagecrew.