July 14, 2024

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Manoochehr Valizadeh and Nasser Mamdouh come to City Theater with “Othello”.

Veterans of Iranian art come to the City Theater with the performance of "Othello" directed by Vahid Akhavan.

Theater Online: The play “Othello” written by William Shakespeare, directed and adapted by Vahid Akhavan, will be staged on December 12th at 20:00 at Chaharso hall of the City theater.

Vahid Akhavan is the head of the classical theater group, which so far has staged works such as “Wedding” by Nikolai Gogol, “Bear”, “Swan Song” and “Tonight Only For You” by Anton Chekhov, as well as the plays “The Lost Nightingale”. Written by Ali Nasirian, “Country Girl” written by Alexander Pushkin, “Mysterious Voice” by Emanuel Schmidt and… has been staged in the form of a play reading.

The actors of “Othello” (in the order of reading and acting) are Davood Heydari, Majid Jafari, Hossein Parastar, Nasser Mamdouh, Vahid Akhavan, Manoochehr Valizadeh, Sharareh Hazrati, Arefeh Nezami, Neda Pouya, Alireza Darvishnejad.

Reyhaneh Karimi, Mina Fazeli Asl are the assistant directors, Reyhaneh Karimi is the technical manager of the steering room, Amir Khodami is the photographer, Afsanah Mohtashami is the teaser maker, Negar Amiri and Ali Keyhani are the media and press consultants.

The synopsis of this show states: “The story is about a black man who fought in the Venetian army in the middle wars of the 16th century and fell in love with the beautiful daughter of a Venetian senator named Desdemona and…”