July 14, 2024

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Ebrahim Poshtkoohi will stage a comedy show

This winter, Ebrahim Poshtkoohi will stage the comedy show "Politically Harmless".

Theater Online: The show “Politically Harmless” is the first comedy show by Ebrahim Poshtkoohi, which will be staged in Iranshahr Theater in February and March of this year.

Poshtkoohi, who has written and performed the shows “Like Water for Chocolate” and “The Last Pomegranate of the World” adapted from the world’s fiction, this time he went to an Iranian novel for his new show and based on the story “Agent of Uneven Deaths” written by Hesam Heydari. He has put the adaptation of his new work.

This work, the story of which takes place in a fantasy space, is the first Poshtkoohi comedy show after 26 years of writing and directing theater.

The synopsis of the show states: “Zeinal Gheirebandari is an experienced professional killer, but he works in a murder firm that has not been called for two months to order a murder, and this unemployment has made Zeinal nervous…”

This postmodern show is full of references to movies and literature.

Poshtkoohi previously performed the play “Macbeth Zar” in domestic and foreign festivals, which won him the award for best direction, best music and best costume design from the 40th Fajr Festival and the Grand Prize of the Baghdad International Festival, recognition at the St. Petersburg Festival.

Soon the cast and crew of his new show will be announced as “politically Harmless.”